Add elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting to your wedding room or event. Up-Lighting is strategically placed around the room and  is shown up walls, columns or spotted onto a specific area. It will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event room area, making it AMAZING! Lights can be place outside the entrance of the facility,  up trees and into bushes and/or shrubbery, just about anywhere we need to add some color to create that amazing look that you and your guests will remember forever.  We use all LED lights, so they are 100% child proof.  During cocktail hour and dinner we can project one color of your choice or program a smooth, slow transition through a pattern of colors. Once the party starts and the dancing begins, we can have the lights change color or strobe to the beat of the music, Enhancing the excitement on the dance floor!


Features of LED Uplighting:

  • Bright vibrant colors
  • 10 millions colors to choose from
  • Safe around children , curtains and fabrics – No heat
  • Unlimited options for placement: Walls, Under Head Table, Cake Table…
  • One of the most noticeable decorative effects


Before Uplighting  

After Uplighting 

100% Child Proof