Hi guys! I just want to know where to post a review because I just wanted to let you know that since even during the wedding all I’ve been hearing is how great you are and how literally people wished you’d travel to other states to DJ. You guys did an amazing job! Thank you so much!

Kelsey & Brandon Straubhaar

TCB Mobile Entertainment (Tom & Carol) were absolutely amazing from the first time we met down to the last few minutes at our wedding. They had the perfect balance between helping us out planning the wedding while still allowing us to make our selections. They were very accommodating from start to finish and great at establishing rapport with our family and friends. They were very patient and made my wedding day the best that it could be through their organization and professionalism. Thank you so much again for everything you guys did! We were SO happy with everything! Thank carol as well for everything! Everyone keeps talking about how great you two were and how much fun they had at our reception!

Patricia & Jorge Roca

Tom & Carol,
I can’t thank you enough for the AMAZING job you did. From start to finish, you made this such an easy process. We truly had the perfect day! Thank you so much again for everything. TCB Mobile and especially the two of you will always have a recommendation from us!
All the best,

Kara & Matt Head

Tom & Carole were unbelievably acccomodating and flexible, plus creative and interactive with us prior to the wedding as well as with our guests that day. Their dedication to detail was demonstrative of their desire to bring something different to our wedding day to make it special and unique; their services are not “cookie cutter” in any way.
β€œThank you so much.” We had a wonderful evening, wedding, and time planning everything with you. It was lovely πŸ™‚

Natalie Yeomans-Honc

What an amazing experience thanks to TCB Mobile Entertainment! I was the last of 5 siblings to be married and I wasn’t sure how our wedding would compare to the others….but the last turned out to be the biggest blast! For months following our reception, relatives were sending in letters letting us know how much fun they had dancing the night away under the ambiance provided by our DJ. Lighting was included in our very economical package and we could not have been more thankful for such a flexible, responsive and energetic DJ. The sound system was crystal clear and the set up was all planned ahead of time so there was no stress! We recommend TCB Mobile Entertainment any day! Give them a shot and you won’t be disappointed, you’ll be blown away and the guests will never forget the exciting event!

Cassandra Figueroa Dreifuerst

The benefits of the DJ to us were their organization, they were a team, able to help you through the process, and they provided good entertainment for the wedding. Most of the music played is what we had requested. Overall, it was a good experience to work with them. πŸ™‚

Lauren & Jose Enriquez

My husband and I couldn’t have been more happy with TCB’s DJ services on our wedding day!!! Carol and Tom went absolutely out of their way to cater to our particular needs – from finding great latin music to play at the reception, to supplying great lightning, and to creating such a fun atmosphere the entire night! They are very, very accessible, easy to work with, and I am so grateful Carol and Tom took their time to make sure our wedding celebration was perfect! We had such a great time and I know all our guests did as well!

Maria Boersma

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Christine Marinelli

Ave Maria Developement

Hi Tom and Carol,
Many thanks for a WONDERFUL job last night. Music was great during cocktails and dinner. Dancing music was great as you could see from the full dance floor. From the lighting to the great music, it was an event to be remembered.

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General Partners of
Barron Collier Companies
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Sue Maturo

Barron Collier Companies

“Seriously, I’m going to have to invest Kleenex stock if I keep editing these wedding videos. Just heard the most beautiful love story introduction by tcb mobile entertainment…. And so, I sit here crying. πŸ™‚ ”

Ariane Fisher, Creative Director

Storymix Media